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    • 10/28/2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • United Way of Central Alabama 3600-8th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35222
    • 80

    The Lumina Team profile shows exactly where you fit in your team and which traits most make up the team profile. A link will be included in your registration confirmation email to complete a profile assessment.

    In a snapshot you can see:

    • distribution of personality preferences 
    • strong traits and characteristics within a group as well as potential blind spots
    • potential strengths and development opportunities within the team
    • where and how you fit in the team

    Lumina Team offers its learners the opportunity to practice ways of communicating within several different types of teams. Lumina Team will offer you insights into alternative ways to get your message across so that it will be better received by the group and ultimately result in effective change. The key to creating a cohesive team lies in really understanding their personalities and motivations and preferred communication styles.

    Understanding deeper values can determine why a team is not acting as a single organism towards a shared goal. Communication adds another layer of complexity. Lumina Team uncovers these critical aspects which underlie non-performance and enables the team to co-create solutions as it becomes a high performing team.

    Knowing yourself and your team, determines the range of interventions you choose to use. Lumina Team will help steer you in these decisions.

    Click here for an overview of Lumina Learning Teams.

    • 10/29/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • United Way of Central Alabama 3600 8th Avenue S., Birmingham, AL 35222
    • 68

    Take a deeper look at teams and emotional intelligence in our experiential half-day session with Jill Plaice from Lumina Learning.  In this workshop, you will experience the Lumina Spark model first-hand with gamified session including a card swap game to raise your self-awareness, through exercises on a large floor mat where you will claim and measure your behaviors and personality aspects as seen through the lens of the Lumina Spark model, and a variety of reflective, partners, and group activities.

    You will:

    1. Better understand who you are and become aware of how you show up in your working relationships.
    2. Learn how to better connect with and influence others based on a situational scenario.
    3. Discover how to view others through a lens that eliminates unconscious bias to see the true values and strengths of those with whom they are working or interacting.
    4. Raise your emotional agility to choose better actions and reactions during interactions to more effectively accomplish common team goals and objectives.

    Note:  There is pre-work for the session including a 15-20 minute personal behavioral/personality assessment.  Please complete by October 11, 2019 to receive your personal portrait.  

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