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Ashton Hammonds

Tell me about what you currently do in the L&D space. I have been employed with Milo’s Tea Company for just over 4 years. I absolutely love working in Learning & Development. because I get to see associates when they first come on board, assist them with any and all training and development needs they may have, and then I get the unique opportunity to watch them succeed at accomplishing the goals they’ve set out for themselves and really thrive.  

What do you like most about the Birmingham ATD? I am so grateful that we have a local chapter of ATD right here in Birmingham, Alabama! It is always such a great experience to attend monthly meetings/events and connect with other L&D professionals in the area. It’s always interesting to see how similar our struggles, accomplishments, and goals are, even though our industries are very different.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on in your professional career? That is a tough one to answer! I think if I have to pick a favorite project, it will have to be a Learning Management Program buildout I led at a previous company. There are a few reasons this particular project still sticks in my mind as a favorite. One is because the company is still using the information and program I helped build many, many years later. Second, I was in charge of vetting, streamlining, and transferring all of the old information that the contact center representatives needed to know into a newer system that was much more user friendly, so the associates immediately had more first call resolutions. And lastly, I had the opportunity to work closely with people from across the company, building relationships that I still cherish to this day.

That particular project was very time intensive, however, being able to see people be more successful in their roles and have the information at hand to build their confidence was very rewarding.  

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